An analysis of the software piracy crime in computer industry

Real-Life Examples of Piracy The following examples illustrate the various scenarios in which piracy occurs. These real-life stories depict how software piracy affects the industry as a whole. John was hired to reduce expenses for the company and so he decided to cut corners on his software licenses.

An analysis of the software piracy crime in computer industry

And, anyone interested in a grace period?

Online Piracy is Bad

Gammon, who oversees technology decisions at a small medical-device manufacturer, was taken aback by the tone. Around the same time, Mr. Gammon's company, Minntech Corp. Then, ominous-sounding BSA radio ads started running on stations in Mr.

Gammon's area, warning that companies could be "only one phone call away" from an audit of the software they use. That's a potentially nerve-wracking process that could result in big fines. Call it a software dragnet. Minntech is one of millions of businesses that have been contacted over the past 14 months by the BSA or Microsoft, which have been expanding efforts to crack down on companies that might not have proper licenses for software.

Licenses serve as proof that a user paid for the software or is otherwise entitled to use it. The new campaigns are angering some Microsoft customers, who feel the efforts are too aggressive -- and might be aimed at increasing sales for Microsoft at a time its customers are struggling with pared-down technology budgets.

Microsoft says it simply wants to combat piracy. But the enforcement effort comes as the software giant, whose products dominate most computer desktops, has been delivering new versions of its Windows and Office products and instituting new policies that could boost revenue from them.

A controversial new Microsoft licensing plan, for instance, ends some discounts for organizations that buy software in bulk. And in its new Windows XP product, Microsoft is adding a software "activation" feature that will make it harder to install one copy of the operating system on multiple machines.

An analysis of the software piracy crime in computer industry

Microsoft's antipiracy focus has long matched that of the BSA, which has power of attorney to conduct investigations on behalf of its nine "global" members, including Microsoft it has other members that help make policy decisions.

And since Augustthe trade group has been on a city-by-city campaign to target illegal software use at companies with under employees. Through six separate "software truce" initiatives, the BSA has sent millions of letters and aired a stream of radio ads offering amnesty to companies that step forward to report illegal software use.

Some aren'tquite sure what to make of the radio spots. David Jameson, the president of the Greensboro, N. He says Microsoft also distributed BSA pamphlets about software piracy and showed a video on the subject.

Bailey wondering if people who didn't sign up for the new licensing plans might have a greater chance of getting audited. In the elevator afterward, Mr. Bailey recalls a fellow attendee saying: She says illegal copying often comes from companies that grow toofast to keep their licenses current.

Customers shouldn't link the recent BSA campaigns or requests for "voluntary" audits from Microsoft to Microsoft's new pricing or licensing moves, Ms. Anderson says, since Microsoft has long encouraged voluntary audits.

In the Netherlands, Microsoft recently fired off inquiry letters to more than 20, companies which weren't even customers. After some research, Microsoft figured that many of the small companies, which owned more than 10 computers each, were probably using software that had been illegally copied, instead of buying it through retail channels, says Onno Hektor, Microsoft's small and medium business unit manager in Amsterdam.

The letters asked the companies to tell Microsoft what kind of software they used. Later, Microsoft followed up by sending some companies a letter from a law firm.

Hektor acknowledges the companies were under no legal obligation to respond, and called the effort "educational. Hektor acknowledges that some letter recipients were "very upset, of course," but maintains that the vast majority of people were sympathetic. Though Microsoft plays down revenue-raising potential from its recent moves, some analysts believe that is just what's on the company's mind.

Alvin Park, an analyst with Gartner Group, notes that requests from Microsoft for companies to perform "voluntary" audits of software use have risen. Such tactics, along with the recent pricing changes and Windows XP activation, represent "a multipronged strategy with the goal of increasing revenue from Office," which is Microsoft's single-biggest revenue line, argues Neil MacDonald, another analyst at the firm.

Bob Kruger, a BSA vice president, says BSA members "say they've seen increases in sales activity in some of the regions where we've run the campaigns, all of which suggests that, at some level, we have been successful.

Kruger says companies that receive letters from his group shouldn't feel threatened, even though the BSA can get court orders to conduct surprise inspections, sometimes with the help of federal marshals.

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Some tough language was necessary, he said, since the goal "is to get people's attention. And instead of offering a "software truce," the BSA now bills its program as a nicer-sounding "grace period.“e-crime and e-customers” - An analysis of Cyber Crime ..

An analysis of the software piracy crime in computer industry

1 “e-crime and e-customers” - An analysis of ‘The threat of computer crime: identifying the problem and formulating a response at Software Piracy: Theft of software through the illegal copying of genuine.

The business of crime: music piracy. As fans of steam trains, quill pens and VCRs will tell you, industry evolves. The internet has revolutionised our relationships with music. As of June , a total of 15 billion songs had been legally downloaded via iTunes.

A former computer hacker, he has a long history of felony and once made. May 05,  · The case also underscored the spread of software piracy. The Software and Information Industry Association, a trade group, estimates global revenue losses from piracy at .

Software piracy is the illegal copying, distribution, or use of software. It is such a profitable "business" that it has caught the attention of organized crime groups in a number of countries.

According to the Business Software Alliance (BSA), about 36% of all software in current use is stolen. Governments, institutions, organization, and companies are interest in persuing solution to the piracy problem and for this they develop legal codes to fight software industry association BSA (Business Software Alliance).

Baggili & Rogers - Self-reported cyber crime: An analysis on the effects of anonymity and pre-employment integrity illuminated the light on deindividuation playing a role in internet software piracy. Lastly, the seminal psychological studies on cyber crime do not explore anonymity as a.

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