Chinese family value

It was not the same thing as a descent linelineageor clanall of which also existed in China.

Chinese family value

Brazilian Family Values Role of Men In the traditional Chinese family, the man is responsible for maintaining, providing for and protecting his family. At the same time, he is given all the decision-making power when it comes to his wife, family and other family members.

He is also responsible for taking care of and paying for his children, including their education, until they are married. In modern families, the family members consult elders about important decisions, but the father no longer has the final say in regard to his adult children's lives.

Role of Women Women have traditionally served in a subordinate position within Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese mothers usually stayed in the home to take care of the home, the children, and the rest of the family. However, the role that women play within society is ever expanding.

Additionally, the role of women is vastly altering.


Due to the many opportunities, women are seeking careers rather than the traditional child-rearing role. However, there does seem to be a limit to what women can currently do, according to Fair Observer.

There are fewer females than males in higher paying, higher power positions, like CEO roles, but this is quickly changing. Patrilineal Descent Traditional Chinese families honor the patrilineal descent system.

This means that a child's lineage and descent is calculated from his father only. Men are the only ones that can inherit family membership and family land or other inheritance in this type of system.

Chinese family value

Importance of Family That statement 'family is life' holds true in Chinese culture. Family is very important.

So important, in fact, that the family is the base of Chinese culture. Several Confucian thoughts are based around family. For example, three of the five important relationships are husband and wife, elder and younger siblings and brothers. To really understand the importance of family you need to examine the different relationships.

There are also specific responsibilities and duties delineated to parents, children, and grandparents in China's marriage lawwhich is currently in effect. However, it should be noted that the role that family is playing is an evolving one, with some young adults breaking off from their culture and starting their own traditions.

Marriage Marriage, family and children are also very important in the Chinese culture. Because such a large portion of the population lived in rural environments for so long, getting married and having children meant that you'd have workers and be able to create and maintain a homestead.

Modern Traditional marriages were arranged by the parents of the bride and groom.Filial Piety. A central concept in Chinese family values is the idea of "filial piety," or respecting parents and grandparents. Children are traditionally expected to be obedient to their father and mother for their whole lives, even allowing parents to decide which college they attend or what career they choose.

Chinese cultures value the collectivist ideology which affects family functions and behaviors (Lu and Shih, ).

How do family values help make a family happy and strong?

Based on Confucianism, There are five basic relationships for humans: father-son, emperor-subject, husband-. The Traditional Chinese Family & Lineage. (I do not know of a study of family values among Chinese homosexuals similar to the one mentioned about prostitutes and nuns; there is some hint that family values in this group today are largely mainstream.

As elsewhere, when a gay person is in an arranged or reluctantly accepted heterosexal.

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Family values include the qualities that are most important to you as a family, such as integrity or hard work or kindness; they also define what you believe is right and wrong. Your family’s moral definitions might shape, for example, what you consider acceptable for public conduct, work ethic, and social views.

in family values, describes its difference in various aspects as well as the causes of it and trends of integration. Key words: Pushing Hands ; Chinese and American. Home › Culture & Society › The Significance of Family in China.

Chinese family value

The Significance of Family in China By Sean Upton-McLaughlin on 06/21/ • (14). Many challenges await the Western businessperson in China, but one factor that may escape immediate notice is the significance of the Chinese family.

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