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John Duns Scotus Bl. John Duns Scotus Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download.

Dun dun

Of his antecedents and life very little is definitely known, as the contemporary sources are silent about him. It is certain that he died rather young, according to earlier traditions at the age of thirty-four years cf.

WaddingVita Scoti, in vol. I of his works ; but it would seem that he was somewhat Dun dun than this and that he was born in The birthplace of Scotus has been the subject of much discussion and so far no conclusive argument in favour of any locality has been advanced.

The surname Scotus by no Dun dun decides the question, for it was given to Scotchmen, Irishmenand even to natives of northern England. The other name, Duns, to which the Irish attach so much importance, settles nothing; there was a Duns also in Scotland Berwick.

Moreover, it is impossible to determine whether Duns was a family name or the name of a place. Appeal to supposedly ancient local traditions in behalf of Ireland's claim is of no avail, since we cannot ascertain just how old they are; and their age is the pivotal point.

This discussion has been strongly tinged with national sentiment, especially since the beginning of the sixteenth century after prominent Irish Franciscans like Mauritius de Portu O'FihelyHugh MacCaghwell, and Luke Wadding rendered great service by editing Scotus's works.

On the other hand, the English have some right to claim Scotus; as a professor for several years at Oxfordhe belonged at any rate to the English province; and neither during his lifetime nor for some time after his death was any other view as to his nationality proposed.

It should not, however, be forgotten that in those days the Franciscan cloisters in Scotland were affiliated to the English province, i. It would not therefore be amiss to regard Scotus as a native of Scotland or as a member of a Scottish cloister.

Why Dun Laoghaire?

In any case it is high time to eliminate from this discussion the famous entry in the Merton College manuscript no. The statutes of the college excluded monks ; and as Scotus became a Franciscan when he was quite younger he could not have belonged to the college previous to joining the order.

Besides, the entry in the college register is under the date ofand consequently too late to serve as an argument. The case is somewhat better with the entry in the catalogue of the library of St. This, though it furnishes the strongest evidence in Ireland's favour, cannot be regarded as decisive.

Since Scotus laboured during several years in Englandhe cannot, simply on the strength of this evidence, be assigned to the Irish province.

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The library entry, moreover, cannot possibly be accepted as contemporary with Scotus. Add to this the geographical distance and it becomes plain that the discussion cannot be settled by an entry made in far-off Italy seventy-three years after Scotus's death, at a time too when geographical knowledge was by no means perfect.

Finally, no decisive evidence is offered by the epitaphs of Scotus; they are too late and too poetical.

The question, then, of Scotus's native land must still be considered an open one. When he took the habit of St. Francis is unknown; probably about It is a fact that he lived and taught at Oxford ; for on 26 July,the provincial of the English province of Franciscans asked the Bishop of Lincoln to confer upon twenty-two of his subjects jurisdiction to hear confessions.Bay Dun: This horse is a bay dun.

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Dun dun

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