Free education

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Free education

Countries[ edit ] In Brazilfree education is offered by the Ministry of Education, which offers scholarships for graduate degrees, masters, doctoral and post-doctoral for Brazilians and immigrants who have Brazilian citizenship.

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The best universities and research centers are public institutions, financed by either the local state state universities or the federal government federal universities. Graduate students can get paid if they qualify for the incentive but competition is extremely fierce.

There has been a proliferation in the last 10 years of private universities which are interested in providing professional training to their undergraduates.

These private colleges are not interested in nurturing research centers, since it is not part of their business model to get involved with research.


In Iranmost prestigious universities are called governmental universities which offer free education for students who pass a very competitive entrance exam with high scores. Graduates from these universities are obliged to serve the country for as many years as they studied for their degree, in order to get their diploma.

The University of the Republic follows the same principles, although graduates must pay a yearly contribution. In Fiji the government announced in it would cover the costs of primary and secondary school education, equivalent to Fiji dollars per year per student.

Government funded schools such as national schoolsprovincial schools and piriven provided primary and secondary education free, while assisted schools and semi-governmental schools provided the same at subsidized rates.

Grants and scholarships are provided for a limited number of study allowances. Kannangara who was the Minister of Education made education free for all Sri Lankan students in s. Kannangara's significant achievements in areas of education have led him to being commonly referred to as the Father of Free Education in Sri Lanka.

Health services of Sri Lanka are also free. Elsewhere, free education usually comes to students in the form of scholarships and grants, if they cover all or most of students' expenses. Individuals, institutions, and advocacy initiatives are examples of providers of grants and scholarships.

They may have economic e.

Create a free website or blog in minutes by using a simple drag and drop interface. No ads. One of Time's 50 best websites of the year. Unlock your creative potential with free access to 3D design software from Autodesk. Free software downloads available to students, educators, educational institutions. Free primary education is fundamental in guaranteeing everyone has access to education. However, in many developing countries, families often cannot afford to send their children to school, leaving millions of children of school-age deprived of education.

There are examples of steps towards free education being taken across the world primarily in those nations developing rapidly, such as China. In Mauritiusthe government provides free education to its citizens from pre-primary to secondary levels.

Since Julythe government also introduced free transport for all students.

Free education

In New Zealandthe Labour government will introduce three years of free post-school study or training. In new students will have one year free for entering study or training from January 1 From those starting tertiary education would get two years free, and from three years.

In Russia, prior to the destruction of the USSR, tuition was free for everyone obtaining sufficient grades.

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This benefit is given to the citizens under a programme called Government Assisted Tuition Expenses Programme and it is managed by the Funding and Grants Administration Division of the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training [14] In the United Statesstudents pay tuition to attend Community Colleges, with many taking on debt in the form of Federal Loans i.Free elementary, middle and high school teacher resources, including puzzlemaker, student games and activities and lesson plans.

AMSER – AMSER (the Applied Math and Science Education Repository) is a portal of educational resources and services built specifically for use by those in Community and Technical Colleges but free for anyone to use. Unlock your creative potential with free access to 3D design software from Autodesk.

Free software downloads available to students, educators, educational institutions. 1, Free Online Courses from Top Universities.

k. SHARES. Open Culture editor Dan Colman scours the web for the best educational media.

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