How to write a blog anonymously

Similarly, blogs readily qualify as copyrightable literary works as long as they contain some of your own expression and not merely expression copied from others. On the other hand, a song that you spontaneously sing is not protected by statutory copyright until it is "fixed," e. You can therefore accurately say that your blog entries are "copyrighted" as soon as you write them.

How to write a blog anonymously

Something New Many blog readers have noted that I haven't posted much for a while.

how to write a blog anonymously

The reason is I've been rather busy! Is is known to some readers that I have how to write a blog anonymously an amateur musician for a while. Recently however, after constant low level encouragement I decided to take the next step and release a song. The video to go with it can be seen below.

Eagle eyed viewers will note the clock on top of Maple Lodge in the Hamptons features in it! The song is available to pre-order from iTunes and will be released properly on 22nd March. Hopefully people will understand that doing something like this takes a lot of time and effort and in addition to raising a family, full time work, and continuing my work with the WPRA we have been door knocking to gather signatures against the new proposals for Victoria House - over so far since you ask!

I've not had the time to research and write up posts as I would otherwise like to.

A Colorectal Journey

And given the level of animosity towards me by a few individuals who feel I owe it to them to not only keep writing posts but to write them from a point of view they deem acceptable, I've not felt as eager to keep churning them out as I'd like to. One of the reasons I took over the blog in early is to ensure there was a source of information about the local community and I rather liked the way the previous blogger took a slightly skewed look at things.

I tried to keep it running in the same style and it was funny to note how all the comments about "how political the blog was" only came after people found out it was me running it - prior to that nobody complainedeven though I'd been running it for months by then.

I only decided to go public because as I was standing for council I didn't feel it was right to be blogging anonymously. However I digress - It so happened that Richard Johnson started a Worcester Park Local Community Page a on facebook a few months ago and has been keeping local readers up to date with situations and events.

I have published links to his page before and, knowing there was still a good source of local community information available, this was the other reason I wasn't so worried about turning my attention to other things for a short while.

In answer to Dave, who feels I ought to punished for my lack of posts I would say: Running a blog is a hobby. Yes it is useful to the community but there has never been any contract between you and me that I must write posts constantly - such a contract wouldn't hold up in law anyway as it would by totally one-sided.

The obligations I have taken on board, like the WPRA and chairing the WP police safer neighbourhood team ward panel, I have continued to do - it's just that these things aren't so public.

To the person who offered to take over the blog - yes I do know who you are. Thanks for your offer however going through your comments I've noted you tend to be even more political than me, and are one of the people who have seriously exaggerated the amount of political posts on here.

In reality there are very few posts on here that are political and I always offer both sides the opportunity to have their say. There are several people who tend to comment whom I strongly disagree with but I encourage them to continue commenting as their comments are intelligent and offer a different point of view.

There are others who's comments are a constant steam of often politically motivated drivel full of venom against me and everything I do or say. It is rare that I block anyone but people like this will be blocked. I would like to thank those who have commented in my defence.

It is because of people like you that I want to continue doing this - so yes I will be doing more posting - however just for a while, it will be a little sparse. Hope you like the song!Honesty—Anonymous blogging allows some people to be more than honest than they might be if their real name was attached.

For example, if you’re writing a blog about relationships, you may not want your name attached to that essay about your terrible date over the weekend. An anonymous post is an entry on a bulletin board system, Internet forum, or other discussion forums, without a screen name or more commonly by using a non-identifiable online forums such as Slashdot and Techdirt do not allow such posts, requiring users to be registered either under their real name or utilizing a like JuicyCampus, AutoAdmit, 2channel, and other.

Nov 30,  · The technology blog Gizmodo is trying an audition system for new commenters, under which their first few comments would be approved by a moderator or a .

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how to write a blog anonymously

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