How to write a postcard canada

Joel Friedlander lays out a twelve step plan, plus three bonus from me, to follow: Plan a Budget How much are you willing to invest in your book launch? How much will it cost to rent a space? How much will it cost to print postcards and bookmarks?

How to write a postcard canada

Events do not unfold as a series of pivotal moments strung together, but rather as part of a great dance where all things are interconnected.

There were many divergent influences that affected the design and output of postcards. At times our government changed postal rules to aid this fledgling industry, while at others it passed regulations without any regard to possible negative consequences.

Many different art movements and advertising trends affected its imagery. Changing economic climates steered its successes and failures.

Worldwide events often brought about sudden and unexpected changes.

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Every technological adjustment to printing methods altered their appearance. Advancements in photography moved forward hand in hand with the way that postcards were produced.

It is impossible to properly discuss any one of these individual points without having to refer to another. It is widely preached in capitlist societies that compotition leads to the production of better products.

how to write a postcard canada

This is a half truth at best well illustrated in the history of postcards where over time new developments in technology continued to make businesses more cost efficient, but mostly at the expense of ever diminishing returns in quality. Labor is usually the most costly part of a products production and as more and more photo technology was able to be incorporated into postcards, labor costs were reduced but the end product became less personal as a result.

To really understand picture postcards it must be remembered that they were not produced for collectors, nor were they made for correspondence, cards are commodities manufactured for profit.

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Despite this postcards often take on a life of their own apart from the intentions of those who produced them. Understanding changing social concerns and attitudes are also key to understanding postcards. Even the most innocuous card that seems devoid of any cultural input is a sign of its times and the choice of any particular image is done so within a defined range of accepted values.

If postcards do not always represent a true slice of life as it has been lived, they do represent a true state of mind as to what type of images should be produced. While new ideas were often slow to circulate and artistic styles fell behind current trends, the pictures found on cards could press the limits of socially accepted values and were sometimes ahead of their times.

Postcards were ushered in during a turbulent age when many no longer would accept the status quo while fearing the uncertainty of their desires at the same time.

how to write a postcard canada

When reading the history presented here it is advisable that one proceed baring some things in mind. In the early years of postcard production there was usually a substantial time lag between a technological discovery and its first practical use.

Because of this some of the printing processes listed on the following pages do not follow the linear order of a historical timeline, which can be somewhat confusing. Postcards were also very often out of date with current social and artistic movements.

Events very often bypassed production before the publishing industry was able or in the mindset to catch up. The traditional manner of dating Postcard Eras are also troublesome; those shown here will most likely disagree with those posted elsewhere as there is much room in this field to interpret the meaning of events.

It must be remembered that history is not written in stone but is a fluid state of affairs whose complex interconnectivitys care little of our desires to classify them. We must applaud the early researchers of postcards and their attempts to impart significance on them for they have built us a foundation; but we should not be kept prisoner by notions that can be corrected or expanded upon.

Please remember that only a summary is presented here. Much of what is discussed on these pages is not explained beyond its effect on postcards.

Many brilliant men who worked simultaneously toward creating the inventions mentioned here could not all be included. When a decade of history is compressed into four or five lines of print something will inevitably be left out. There are good books out there detailing many of the issues surrounding the subjects presented on these pages that one can follow up with.

The history of postcards presented on the linked pages is broken into seven periods; each representing a time influenced by a very particular set of surrounding circumstances that enabled it to produce its own distinguishable type of cards.

The Golden Age of Postcards as defined here actually spans two sections dating from to This portion of the website mainly focuses on postcards and their surrounding influences within the United States.


Some of the subjects covered may be explained in more detail in our Glossary section. Just below is a simple timeline for quick reference with links to the most common types of postcards.

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A Brief Postcard Timeline A year after the United States issues its first postage stamp, cards begin being mailed.The back and front of a postcard for the children to complete. Raised foil adds bling and a 3D effect to your business cards and postcards in gold, silver or iridescent foils.

These unique cards are offset printed in full colour then suede laminated for a soft matte finish, enhancing the shine of the raised foil. Due To Possible Rotating Strikes At Canada Post Choosing This Ship Option May Delay.

Write the recipient’s address on the right hand side of the postcard. The back of a postcard is split into two sections, the right side being the destination for addressing the card’s recipient. Most postcards will have three lines in place for you to write the address in. ZEPPELINS & BALLOONS.

ZEPPELIN BALLOON TOY.. " by ". appears to have been a "Souvenir of Chicago" type item. backside of envelope has placed to .

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