I didnt make this

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I didnt make this

You tossed and turned the night before tryouts and got up an hour I didnt make this than you had to because you were just too excited and too anxious to sleep. Tryouts came and went and, even though you were under the impression you did well, your name was omitted from the final roster.

Getting cut from a team is an incredibly frustrating and uprooting experience. It shakes the core of your identity as an athlete.

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As much as it affects you, it affects your parents too. Parents, we all know how it feels when your child is hurting. As we know, and as in life, sports are not always fair. Given the nature of sports, the ultimate object of a club team is to win and the coaches must keep a roster that is talented, gels well together, has the right number of positional players, and has the willingness to learn and improve in order to win those games.

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This will make things worse for everyone involved. It could have been something as little as too many dropped balls, or maybe you were just south of the cutoff line for the number of individuals the coaches were comfortable accepting.

Watt, Jordy Nelson, Johnny Unitas…the list goes on. It is important that your child understand that you are disappointed for them and not in them. Understand your emotions and allow them to happen. You do care, and that is great!

Once you have accepted your feelings, you can use them as fuel to help propel you to get better. Let them know that it is okay and totally normal to feel discouraged. Take a moment and remember for yourself what it feels like to be rejected.

Being cut from a team highlights feelings of being different. You can use this constructive criticism to help you train harder. Oftentimes, talking with the coach will allow kids to acknowledge and feel good about their strengths and identify skills that need more work.

I didnt make this

Go with your child and be their support when they talk to the coach. It is important that your child confronts the coach in a non-emotional and non-confrontational way.

Remind yourself of that fact as well! Reassess your goals Look back on the tryouts and your lacrosse training as a whole. Do you enjoy playing? Or does it feel like a burden?Sleeping is one of the most important things we do every night. Getting the right amount of sleep has an untold number of health benefits and not getting enough sleep is a serious problem in many countries around the world.

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