Ideas for writing a science fiction short story

To avoid war, our governments must engage a vastly marginalized portion of the human population:

Ideas for writing a science fiction short story

They land in the ocean and conquer the dolphins. Aliens visit the earth, and the first person they encounter is a six-year-old girl. Due to a strange quirk of their culture, they decide that the girl is the rightful ruler of the world.

They are captured by small children like fireflies. The aliens are made of chocolate and eaten by children. The aliens take over, make people their pets, and nobody has to work again. The aliens look like the Statue of Liberty; they see the Statue of Liberty and assume earth is already conquered.

Instead of killing humans, the aliens regress them mentally to infancy, re-raising them as part of their alien culture. Instead of using violence, the aliens focus on psychologically torturing earthlings. Earth is left with nothing to watch but paint drying, grass growing, and aliens debating fiscal reform legislation.

The aliens send a message to the President of the United States: Bring Larry to us, or we will destroy the earth. The aliens want to conquer earth for what they consider its most valuable resource: Variation — Aliens invade the earth, but are distracted from their mission when they are offered a movie deal.

The adorable invaders struggle to have their threats of violence taken seriously. Variation — The aliens look just like adorable five-year-olds, and their most dangerous weapon looks strangely like an earth lollypop.

The aliens evolved in dark caves and, thus, are completely blind. To avoid capture, the human survivors must be perfectly quiet. When the earth is attacked by alien slave traders, one man has a plan to save the world: The aliens defeat the earth and begin breaking the planet into pieces.

Each piece is teleported aboard a gigantic spaceship and flown away. Finally, only a tiny asteroid with a few hundred survivors is left.

Aliens contact the leaders of Earth and challenge them to a race to Alpha Centauri. If humanity wins, the aliens will give Earth the cure for all diseases.

Writing Short Stories: The Basics

If humanity loses, the planet will be destroyed. Aliens head for Earth, intent on destroying humanity. Aliens with psychic weapons are attacking the Earth.

A Baptist preacher is discovered to be an alien in disguise. Unable to get it repaired, she decides to buy a used car at a strange-looking car lot.

Days later, she discovers that the salesman was actually an alien in disguise, and the car contains advanced, otherworldly technology.

His alien physiology makes him a superior athlete, but if anyone discovers he is not human, he will be thrown off his team and arrested. Alien Abduction — Aliens abduct a human, and… They take the human back to their planet for testing — they want to discover how much pleasure a human can endure before going insane They give him to their kids, who play with him like a doll The aliens attempt to torture him psychologically, but they know almost nothing about human psychology.

They turn him into a living bomb. They offer him a deal: The human is a serial killer, and brutally murders the aliens. Aliens abduct humans in groups of six. The six are told that they will return five of them to earth if one will volunteer to stay. The human introduces the aliens to an old human pastime: The human is mentally ill, and speaks only in gibberish.

How to Write a Short Story

The aliens struggle to communicate with him. After the aliens abduct a human, they are immediately abducted by larger, more advanced aliens. The aliens disassemble the human, and place his brain and eyes in a jar.

A disabled man is abducted by aliens.Science fiction is the literature of big ideas — so coming up with an amazing story idea often feels like the biggest stumbling block in the way of your dreams of authorship. Daily Science Fiction is an on-line magazine specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and everything in between.

A new story is published every weekday and sent to subscribers via e-mail, and stories appear a week later on Abstract Students will brainstorm about their science fiction short story.

By using the worksheets provided in the lesson they will begin by sketching out the plot of the story. “This book is an excellent primer for those wondering where to start developing their writing talent. Painless and simple, let Joe’s book walk you through the world of the short story and motivate you to pen a weekly tale, teaching you to take baby steps then more as you become a writer of substance.

Check out our top short story ideas for every genre here. Twenty Out of this World Story Ideas Just so you know, these are “soft sci-fi” rather than “hard sci-fi,” which basically means they’re more focused on character than math and science.

ideas for writing a science fiction short story

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