Internet makes us stupid essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Carr conveys the thought that people who use the Internet on a daily basis tend to have a lack of concentration and lack of contemplation.

Internet makes us stupid essay

He warned that the new generation of readers was blindly putting their trust in external written sources and that the library was responsible for promoting this notion.

In the s, this ideology was shifted into an electronic medium where the telegram has already come into existence. A prominent physician expressed the view that the extensive use of telegram technology was breeding a wave of mental illness.

The advent of the age of the TV received the same ideological perspective where the TV and radio were blamed for giving the brain passive pleasure and made children stop reading books.

Internet makes us stupid essay

Is Google making us stupid is an article that appeared in The Atlantic in The article reveals the extent to which the internet has affected our attention span and our overall thinking.

He justifies his arguments by using examples of research done by various universities and other groups. One point does stand out, over 30 years, new technologies have been introduced that have rendered us incapable of critical thinking and reading. Instead, we are quick to turn to Google for answers.

Hal claims that his mind is going and that he can feel it. The difference is we are sabotaging ourselves, unlike Hal who was dismantled by his human humans. In his writing, he reveals that he feels as though something or someone has been restructuring his brain mainly remapping and reprogramming it.

This is because of our reduced attention span and critical thinking. We have traded our gained intelligence for the superficiality of the internet. We have come to believe Google has all the answers, therefore, we do not make the extra effort of doing thorough research.

We no longer, as he points out from his experience try to deal with complex notions and difficult texts. In his own words: Ironically, the internet provides us with a lot of useful information and he is quick to point it out. The internet gives us access to a multitude of information, although it is expected that we become intellectually superior, it is the opposite that happens.

First, our attention time spans have significantly reduced which means that we consume less information that we could have ordinarily. Is Google making us stupid? Just as Carr asked himself that question, we too are also forced to asl the same. He argues that the more time he spends time online, the worse his reading gets.

That is not the only issue, a study done in where approximately 34 million articles, mainly academic published between and were analyzed, and they revealed a sad state of affairs. Over the years the number of citations referenced to in these articles has significantly reduced.

Although digitization of journals gives us access to more information, we tend to focus on recent material and in the process, we all read and refer to similar material.

A disgrace in a world where we have an abundance of information. Order Now Technology has provided us with immense reading resources, including online libraries. I believe that how the information has been presented dictates whether we actually read it or not.

As Carr points out, we are likely to read material that has been handwritten compared to typed work. It has nothing to do with Google but everything to do with our limited attention span.

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Hyperlinks are not really the problem when you think about it critically. The problem lies with us, and all the internet does is expose our weaknesses. We crave new information, and hyperlinks let us jump from site to site even before we can fully comprehend the information at hand.

We have a fleeting attention span, such that any temptation, regardless of how trivial, can get the better of us.

Is Google making us stupid makes us question our freedom. Since our brains are shaped by our experiences, we should be careful not to be enslaved by technology, letting our gadgets reprogram our circuits.

The truth is, every activity that we engage in affects our brain in one way or another. Is Google making us stupid analysis makes us skeptical of some of the information that he has provided.What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains (alternatively Is Google Making Us Stoopid?) is a magazine article by technology writer Nicholas G.

Carr, and is highly critical of the Internet's effect on cognition. Essay about Summary of "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" by Nicholas Carr Words | 4 Pages. Summary of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr As the internet offers us the benefits of quick and easy knowledge, it is affecting the brain’s capacity to read longer articles and books.

Is Google Making Us Stupid Essay Sample

Is Google making us stupid summary and analysis takes a look at the works of Nicholas Carr. Is Google making us stupid is an article that appeared in The Atlantic in The article reveals the extent to which the internet has affected our attention span and our overall thinking.

The Internet Makes Us Stupid and Here's Why. While the Internet gives us access to more information than before, paradoxically, we are becoming dimmer and more superficial as a people. Is Google Making Us Stupid Essay Sample.

In “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr argues that our ability to focus and think critically is hindered and the Internet appears to be the cause.

Internet makes us stupid essay

How the Internet is making us stupid Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows, asks if the Internet is changing the way we think.

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