Know the health and safety policies

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Health Overview The Office of Policy Development, Strategic Planning and Performance develops national transportation policy initiatives with consideration of the potential health effects associated with transportation. The office facilitates collaboration with other Federal agencies on initiatives relating to transportation and health, including safety, active transportation, and the natural and human environment. One recent project examined the locations of pedestrian fatalities and used other data sources such as roadway characteristics and sociodemographic information to better inform where pedestrian risk is occurring at the neighborhood level.

Know the health and safety policies

A Health and Safety Policy is a document which: Lays down the importance of health and safety to your organisation.

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Identifies your aims and objectives with respect to health and safety. Sets out the arrangements you have in place to achieve those aims and objectives.

Why have a Health and Safety Policy? At the most basic level, you need a Health and Safety Policy because it is a legal requirement. However, simply to say a policy is a legal requirement is to run the danger of portraying it as a bureaucratic exercise and missing its fundamental role in a health and safety management system.

The real value of a Policy is in the thought that goes into its writing.

Know the health and safety policies

Require you to examine the importance of health and safety in your organisation and decide where it fits in your priorities. Declare your expectations with respect to health and safety.

Establish the roles, responsibilities and operational arrangements to achieve the policy goals. What should a Health and Safety Policy contain? Remember, the real value of a Policy is the thought and commitment you put in to its preparation. In outline your Policy should contain: A statement of general policy.

Where does health and safety fit in your priorities against other business parameters? Are you content to meet legal requirements or do you believe that all accidents should be regarded as avoidable and set out to eliminate them?

What do you do with respect to consultation, training, selection and maintenance of plant, introduction and use of hazardous substances? The signature of the responsible person and review date.

Responsibilities Detail the responsibilities for achieving a good health and safety performance and the expectations you have of people throughout the organisation. Be clear who is ultimately responsible for monitoring performance and setting objectives and who has day to day responsibilities.

Risk Asseesment Write down the arrangements for Risk Assessments. Who will carry them out, how will they be communicated, and how will recommendations be progressed?

Consultation Not only are staff the best people to identify health and safety issues and, very often, the potential solutions, but there are legal obligations to consult with staff The Safety Representatives and Safety Committee Regulations and the Health and Safety Consultation With Employees Regulations The Safety Policy should identify your arrangements for consultation.

Safe Plant and Equipment You will need to ensure that all plant and equipment is suitable for its intended purpose and adequately maintained.

Know the health and safety policies

There needs to be arrangements in place to routinely check the equipment and to report and rectify faults. The Policy needs to identify the arrangements you have in place for this work.

Safe Handling and Use of Substances. They include requirements for the selection of control measures, management of local exhaust ventilation systems, the provision of personal protective equipment, health surveillance, environmental monitoring and the keeping of records.

The Policy should identify your organisations attitude with respect to the use of hazardous substances, the ways in which you will control their use and the responsibilities for doing so.

Information, Instruction Training Supervision and Competency Information, instruction, training and supervision are key to ensuring that people are competent to work safely. The Policy should identify the arrangement to provide the information needed.

This extends to contractors and visitors, not just your own employees. It should also identify the arrangements to provide the necessary health and safety training.The HHS Regulations page covers topics such as health information technology standards, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), additional laws and regulations, and policies and guidelines are covered.

Warehouse operators that maintain a safe workplace generally have little to fear from OSHA, says Alex Sierra, health, safety, and environmental manager for Fluor Constructors, the construction arm of Irving, Texas-based engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance service company Fluor.

Nov 06,  · Do you have a record keeping regime for Health &Safety Audits, how often do you conduct an Audit? can't open the spreadsheet for some reason. Don't know how big your company is, do your employees have a copy of this policy, I think when I .

that affect patient health and safety in this setting. Methods: A convenience sample of 1, home health aides, attendants, and personal care workers completed a risk assessment survey.

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document this risk as an important first step in prevention and management. What’s the Bottom Line? How much do we know about massage?. A lot of research on the effects of massage therapy has been carried out.

What do we know about the effectiveness of massage? An organization's safety policy is a recognized, written statement of its commitment to protect the health and safety of the employees, as well as the surrounding community.

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