Managing ethically

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Managing ethically

Most results of decisions made are based on company policies and ground rules established.

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There are no ethical implications that require employees to dedicate long hours and extensive travel time to their careers. From the outset when someone is looking Managing ethically a job, it is their responsibility to conduct adequate research on the prospective company they intend to join and familiarize themselves with all the relative details of the job they are interested in.

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It is important to get details like the hours of work, the duties that are expected to be performed, pay and other information relative to the job.

An employee who is entering into a contract in which travelling or overtime is stated is doing so at their own risk. When a job is offered, there are always conditions of employment or stipulations that accompany the job.


These stipulations fully explain the nature of the job and what is expected from the employee. It is advisable that the employee understand what the job entails instead of just accepting the job.

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There should always be a mutual agreement between both the employer and employee; this condition gives both parties involved a three month period in most cases for which his or her performance is evaluated by the company.

This will give the employee the option to leave the job within that period without any further notice. When an individual accepts a job that requires long hours and extensive travelling the company then assumes that he or she understands and accepts such arrangements.

Some companies use this technique to see whether or not the employee is dedicated and hardworking. People with these qualities are given pay increases and possibly a promotion. Managers have to be understanding when it comes to an employee's needs in their personal lives, especially if it can reflect how the employee is working.

Companies, for example, need to develop recruitment, is a platform for academics to share research papers. We work together with suppliers to improve the working conditions of those who make our products, ensuring they are treated responsibly and ethically.

Managing ethically

Managing Ethically In today's business world when making ethical decisions, they are made on a daily basis. Most results of decisions made are based on company policies and ground rules established.4/4(1). By supporting ethically sound behavior, managers can strengthen the relationships and reputations their companies depend on.

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Ethical Edward, also known as 'Ed,' knows that in order for the employees to act ethically, he needs to establish a game plan on how to manage ethical behavior in the workplace.

Managing ethically
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