Mangroves for mankind

Mangrove Wetlands A mangrove wetland can be one of the most productive ecosystems in world.

Mangroves for mankind

To begin, what is an Ecosystem? It is an Environment within which many Species, both Plant flora and Animal, fauna maintain a way of daily life, unconsciously interdependent upon one another and the area that they inhabit together.

March 30, The fight in the Everglades against the invasion of Burmese Pythons, just found a new ally in the form of the Python Patrol who are doing their best to make sure that they do not set up shop next in the Keys. March 27, Today with little fanfare, an announcement was made that came as no surprise for those who keep watch over the politicians in Tallahassee, that the land deal Governor Crist claims the downward economy was responsible for the decision.

March 25, now it has been invaded by a lethal Reptile with a powerful appetite. For years, unthinking pet owners have been releasing their unwanted snakes, namely Burmese Pythonsinto the Everglades when they tired of feeding them.

The presence of these snakes poses a danger not only for Indigenous Everglades Wildlife, but imagine if a child were to be taken by one them during a visit to the area. A vote on this bill will take place in Tallahassee on April If you live in the area, please try to attend and show your support for this legislation to protect Everglades Wildlife.

As expected, pet snake owners and pet retailers are opposed to this. All that is at stake here is the future of Wildlife in the Everglades. It is strange how such a pristine, vital place could be the source of such contentious confrontations, but that is exactly what the Everglades have been and continue to be.

Once again, the disappointment comes from promises made and then revoked by Governor Crist, who apparently has decided that former Sugar makers and Florida should now be partners in the Alternative fuel business on the site of the old mill.

Is there a single soul in this state who does not know what the ecological result of this new proposition will be for the Everglades Ecosystem so very dependant on constant, clean flowing water for its good health? Something not usually connected to an Alternative fuel factory.

Our Inland and Coastal Enviroment in SW Florida

It is a sad situation, motivated by money, as the future looks even more bleak now for those who have no voice in all of this, the about to become extinct wildlife and an entire Ecosystem.The City of Cape Canaveral Welcomes You!

For decades, the world has known Cape Canaveral as a Launchpad where one giant leap for mankind began and aerospace and technology were born. In addition to our all-inclusive fares, you will enjoy exclusive attention and services reserved for our World Cruise guests.

An impressive array of value-added benefits and exclusive cultural events all designed to make this truly a voyage of a lifetime. Florida birding. The Space Coast offers birders the Florida Scrub-Jay and some of the most intense birding experiences in the world along the Great Florida Birding Trail.

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Mangroves for mankind

The Cause and Effect of the Tsunami in Thailand in - The Cause and Effect of the Tsunami in Thailand in The tsunami in Thailand that occurred on December 26, , was by far the largest tsunami catastrophe in human history.

Mangroves once covered three-quarters of the world's tropical coastlines, with Southeast Asia hosting the greatest diversity. Only 12 species live in the Americas. Mangroves range in size from small bushes to the meter giants found in Ecuador.

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