The reasons for the high cost of college tuition in america in why does a college degree cost so muc

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The reasons for the high cost of college tuition in america in why does a college degree cost so muc

Current and prospective college students might not fully understand just how much a college degree is going to cost them, but recent college graduates sure do. College costs for students continue to rise at a rate multiple times the cost of living increases experienced by the average American.

Attending college is becoming more and more financially challenging for middle class Americans.

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But why do colleges and universities charge so much? And can anything be done to reverse the trend? Below you will find several basic possible reasons behind the ever-increasing cost of a college degree: The side effect of Federal student aid.

Federal student aid, while a necessity for many talented individuals who otherwise might not have been able to finance their college educations, could actually be contributing to the problem of rising tuition costs.

There are two major reasons for this. First, easy access to federal student aid causes students to ignore the numbers in front of them.

Knowing that another party is financing their bill makes students less concerned about the price tag, and, if students do not protest tuition prices, what incentive do university administrators have to lower them?

The reasons for the high cost of college tuition in america in why does a college degree cost so muc

Secondly, federal student aid has risen steadily over the years in order to keep up with college admission prices. The goal of these aid programs is simple: However, as aid amounts have increased, so too have tuition costs, effectively negating the benefits of increasing federal aid.

Colleges and universities know that they can raise their prices and that students will still attend — in part because the government is handing them money. A college degree is perceived as a necessity.

This has contributed to an increase in students attending college to prepare for professions where they do not necessarily need degrees.

To combat this problem, American students would need to seriously reevaluate their life paths and decide whether they truly need a college degree in order to pursue their desired career. Professional, vocational, or technical training should be viewed as a viable alternative to a four-year degree, not a less worthy undertaking as it is viewed by many now.

Colleges do not see students as their customers. Partly because college administrators know that their product is in high demand and is guaranteed to sell at virtually any price, they sometimes view student attendance as an inevitability. Peer pressure is powerful. The domino effect is copied throughout the nation as school administrators feel the next rate increase is justified since neighboring institutions have already jumped onto the bandwagon.

Colleges that keep rates intentionally low are quickly viewed as sub-par by other schools and may run the long term risk of devaluing the worth of education received through their brand. Student acquisition costs are skyrocketing.The problem is that the cost of making these measure- ments may be so high so as to make the modeling effort infeasible.

In some cases a modeling effort has led to the recognition of the need for an information system. Students should consider: size of school, location and its environment, admission requirements, cost (and financial aid), classes and majors offered, housing, and student life (such as clubs, athletics, or performing arts).Time is running out, so take some of the stress off of planning for the future and skip a day to check out a college.

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The America’s College Promise proposal would create a new partnership with states to help them waive tuition in high-quality programs for responsible students, while promoting key reforms to help more students complete at least two years of college.

The cost of tuition and fees varies by college. There is a wide range of prices, as the table below shows. But you should know that half of all full-time undergraduate students at public and private nonprofit four-year colleges attend institutions that charge tuition and fees of $11, or less.

The reasons for the high cost of college tuition in america in why does a college degree cost so muc
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