The time machine hg wells

Plot[ edit ] On January 5,four friends arrive for a dinner at the London home of their inventor friend George, but he is not there. He arrives suddenly, bedraggled and exhausted, and begins describing the strange experiences he has had since they last met. At their earlier dinner on New Year's Eve, George said that time was "the fourth dimension".

The time machine hg wells

But the surprising box office performance in the week following its release seems to now suggest otherwise. This is a really fun movie. The second is when Alexander is knocked unconscious by an explosion tremor in the distant future, when explosives mining on the moon have knocked it from its orbit and have caused it to come apart, showering the Earth with moonrocks, and the time machine speeds forward into the very distant future.

I also liked how they kept a lot of elements from the original: Even the "talking rings" in the original are sort of brought back, though this time in the form of a holographic New York City public library computer Orlando Joneswhom Alex first encounters in and again later in the film, set nearlyyears later.

The Eloi this time around are not all blonde and lifeless. Here, they run fearing for the lives when the Morlocks come to hunt. Here they are taller, more-muscular deadly creatures with an animal-like ferocity, with incredible physical abilities and capable of fast speeds.

I think this movie is a good example of what remakes should be. Keeping the concept and elements of the original, while bringing to the material something new. Pearce, as I said, is well-cast as the time traveler, who builds the machine first out of his desire to right a tragedy in his past, then ends up traveling into the future.

Samantha Mumba does a fine job in her first feature film role. Being the Uber-Morlock, I was hoping for more screen time, as well as a lengthier confrontation. But he was still good.

Much to my surprise, his performance is a very restrained one, never exploding into one of those bursting, over-the-top speeches about wanting to overtake the planet. I was also expecting him to attempt to use the time machine to travel back to the past and take control in a time when there were more resources, but that idea again, much to my surprise and delight never even comes up.

He seemed pretty content just doing things in the time he was in. Still, I would have liked for him to had more screen time. His score here is full of action and emotion, with a heroic main theme and a really nice African tribe-like sound for the Eloi.

He sounds very promising. My only real complaint is that it all goes by too fast. A full two hours would have been great. In comparison between this one and the original film, I suppose some people would say it lacks the charm of the first. The original, despite some dated effects, is still a good movie, with the always-reliable Rod Taylor.

I grew up with it on video, so I consider it a childhood favorite. But I also enjoyed this version for the fun-filled action-packed piece of entertainment that it is. Was this review helpful to you?The Time Traveller had finally finished work on his time machine, and it rocketed him into the future.

When the machine stops, in the year , AD, he finds himself in a paradisiacal world of small humanoid creatures called Eloi. Watch video · H.G.

The time machine hg wells

Wells was a writer of science-fiction works—including The Time Machine and War of the Worlds—who had a great influence on our vision of the future. Born in England in , H.G. Wells. vague inkling of a machine|’ ‘To travel through Time!’ exclaimed the Very Young Man.

‘That shall travel indi erently in any direction of Space and Time, as the driver determines.’ Filby contented himself with laughter. ‘But I have experimental veri cation,’ said the Time Traveller.

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Mar 07,  · Watch video · The movie made in enhances H.G. Wells version and the version in When H.G. Wells wrote the novel he didn't know anything about space travel and computers. Incorporating these ideas in the newer version makes the movie spectacular/10(K).

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H. G. Wells' The Time Machine, from , popularized the idea of a vehicle that allows its user to travel intentionally and selectively across time, and indeed Wells is credited with coining the very term time attheheels.comg mass hysteria as /5(K). The Time Machine by H. G. Wells About the Author Herbert George Wells was born into a decidedly middle-class family on September 21, , in the London borough of Bromley/5(K).

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells