The transitions from the infant american hero to the modern ideal american in inherit the wind by je

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The transitions from the infant american hero to the modern ideal american in inherit the wind by je

To draw the blinds and shut the door, to muffle the noises of the street and shade the glare and flicker of its lights--that is our desire. There is then a charm even in the look of the great volumes that have sunk, like the "Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia", as if by their own weight down to the very bottom of the shelf.

We like to feel that the present is not all; that other hands have been before us, smoothing the leather until the corners are rounded and blunt, turning the pages until they are yellow and dog's-eared.

The transitions from the infant american hero to the modern ideal american in inherit the wind by je

We like to summon before us the ghosts of those old readers who have read their Arcadia from this very copy--Richard Porter, reading with the splendours of the Elizabethans in his eyes; Lucy Baxter, reading in the licentious days of the Restoration; Thos.

Hake, still reading, though now the eighteenth century has dawned with a distinction that shows itself in the upright elegance of his signature. Each has read differently, with the insight and the blindness of his own generation.

Our reading will be equally partial. In we shall miss a great deal that was obvious to ; we shall see some things that the eighteenth century ignored.

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But let us keep up the long succession of readers; let us in our turn bring the insight and the blindness of our own generation to bear upon the "Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia", and so pass it on to our successors. If we choose the Arcadia because we wish to escape, certainly the first impression of the book is that Sidney wrote it with very much the same intention: He is not looking at what is before him here at Wilton; he is not thinking of his own troubles or of the tempestuous mood of the great Queen in London.

He is absenting himself from the present and its strife.

The transitions from the infant american hero to the modern ideal american in inherit the wind by je

He is writing merely to amuse his sister, not for "severer eyes". It is a land of fair valleys and fertile pastures, where the houses are "lodges of yellow stone built in the form of a star"; where the inhabitants are either great princes or humble shepherds; where the only business is to love and to adventure; where bears and lions surprise nymphs bathing in fields red with roses; where princesses are immured in the huts of shepherds; where disguise is perpetually necessary; where the shepherd is really a prince and the woman a man; where, in short, anything may be and happen except what actually is and happens here in England in the year It is easy to see why, as Sidney handed these dream pages to his sister, he smiled, entreating her indulgence.

And yet the life that we invent, the stories we tell, as we sink back with half-shut eyes and pour forth our irresponsible dreams, have perhaps some wild beauty; some eager energy; we often reveal in them the distorted and decorated image of what we soberly and secretly desire.

Thus the Arcadia, by wilfully flouting all contact with the fact, gains another reality. When Sidney hinted that his friends would like the book for its writer's sake, he meant perhaps that they would find there something that he could say in no other form, as the shepherds singing by the river's side will "deliver out, sometimes joys, sometimes lamentations, sometimes challengings one of the other, sometimes, under hidden forms, uttering such matters as otherwise they durst not deal with".

There may be under the disguise of the Arcadia a real man trying to speak privately about something that is close to his heart. But in the first freshness of the early pages the disguise itself is enough to enchant us. We find ourselves with shepherds in spring on those sands which "lie against the Island of Cithera".

Then, behold, something floats on the waters. It is the body of a man, and he grasps to his breast a small square coffer; and he is young and beautiful--"though he were naked, his nakedness was to him an apparel"; and his name is Musidorus; and he has lost his friend.

So, warbling melodiously, the shepherds revive the youth, and row out in a bark from the haven in search of Pyrocles; and a stain appears on the sea, with sparks and smoke issuing from it.

For the ship upon which the two princes Musidorus and Pyrocles were voyaging has caught fire; it floats blazing on the water with a great store of rich things round it, and many drowned bodies.

We have beauty of scene; a pictorial stillness; and something floating towards us, not violently but slowly and gently in time to the sweet warbling of the shepherds' voices. Now and again this crystallises into a phrase that lingers and haunts the ear--"and a waste of fire in the midst of the waters"; "having in their faces a certain waiting sorrow".

Now the murmur broadens and expands into some more elaborate passage of description: · originally presented before the American Historical Association.

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Emmons, Jr. | in Articles | Sun, 16 October The idea of the modern American super-hero is an abstract and nebulous concept. [1].