Wearing a mask making a contrast

Cut out the pattern, hold it up to your face, and check the size. The pattern is an adult size medium.

Wearing a mask making a contrast

In animation this used to also be a helpful cheat to draw something similar. At the very least the mask will move as if painted on. This can even extend to eyeglasses especially Eye Glasses and similar accessories. The lenses of an expressive character become organic extensions of the body: Interestingly cracked glasses can autorepair thanks to this property between scenes.

This is similar to Open the Iriswhere the iris, not the pupil, widens and shrinks. For other emotion-conveying clothing see Expressive Shirt. If a character has a similarly animated skull for a head, then it is an Expressive Skull.

Anime and Manga A great example is Kinnikumanwhere the main character and just about everybody on his Planet of Hats wears a skintight mask meant to completely replace his face. It follows each and every one of his expressions perfectly. Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist could be remarkably expressive with his helmet, despite the fact that it never moved even when he talked; his voice came from inside the armor.

Which happens fairly often — possibly because of this trope. The rest of the time it never changes. Barry the Chopper from the same place also has an expressive mask, though his is made of bone instead of metal.

Even so he can look surprised or angry when the situation demands it. The villain Kain in the first Tenchi Muyo! Shinigami-sama from Soul Eater has a mask in which the eyes change shape from round and dopey to triangular when he is about to beat an enemy into the ground.

Kakashi is a notable aversion of this: You can usually very easily tell his mood from just that one eye and its eyebrow. The immobile mask thing has improved slightly with Shippuuden, so now we generally see some movement when he speaks. Brook can do this with his skull head.

Some Hollows in Bleach manage to be rather expressive despite the fact their face is essentially a bone mask. This is helped by the changes to the glowing pits of fear that are their eyes, narrowing and widening to help convey their emotions.

When he goes One-Winged Angelthe pattern changes again, and Renji actually calls attention to it this time.

Wearing a mask making a contrast

It wound up betraying some emotion, though, with the mouth and eyes seeming to tilt up and down slightly. The female Saints from Saint Seiyabut the viewers have to look very closely at them to notice. The appearance of this is explained by the live-action films: This is the most likely method for any live actors masked in the same style.

The moving mask could be explained as flexible skin tight material, or just artistic expression, a la the white eyes. Jason Todd aka Red Hood wears an expressive helmet in the New Joe was a very good example of this, given that despite his wearing of a metal mask that completely covers his head, it was in essence "painted on", in regards to being able to furrow his brow, smile, frown, move his lips, etc.

Spider-Man and Deadpoolboth of the Marvel Universeoften manage some pretty goofy expressions even though they wear masks concealing their entire face. These are usually of the " cocked eyebrow " variety. Most dramatic is when Spider-Man narrows his eyes.

Somehow this makes the whites of his mask narrow as well. During the McFarlane big-eyes era, this was particularly emphatic. They experimented with this for the moviebut decided that in live-action it moved the mask firmly into the Uncanny Valley.

Like Batman, his expressions are usually limited to his eyes narrowing to make him look more intimidating. Both Marvel Universe characters Doctor Doom and Iron Man have masks specifically described as made of metal, yet both can show emotion when needed.

Iron Man is shown creating a faceplate for his armour that follows his own expressions, the better to intimidate his foes. He habitually keeps it locked in an arrogant scowl to better intimidate his underlings.

His mask does not move, but lighting effects are used to make it more expressive. In Fall of Cthulhu by Boom!

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Students will identify the aspects of their identities that they want to present to others and the aspects they want to conceal. Students will be able to represent their identities visually through making a mask. This lesson is part of the unit Identity & Community: An Introduction to 6th Grade.

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Lesson: What Aspects of Our Identities Do We Show to Others? | Facing History