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Waiver The Basic Rule In contrast to the duty of confidentiality, the attorney-client privilege is the evidentiary principle that confidential communications between attorneys and their representatives and clients and their representatives and even prospective clients that are made for the purpose of obtaining or rendering legal advice, and not in furtherance of a crime or fraud, cannot be compelled. A representative of the lawyer is generally a person employed by the lawyer to assist the lawyer in rendering professional legal services. The representative of the client is a more complex concept because clients who are organizations must act through individuals but yet not all individuals involved with an organization should be seen as having the power to engage with the lawyer so as to invoke the privilege.

William j brenengen attorney client confidentiality

William j brenengen attorney client confidentiality policy of this state, environing substance maltreatment, has ever focused on either the illegality of the substance or in the instance of intoxicant, moralising the manner the substance is used.

There are two basic attacks to handling substance maltreatment in the United States today.

William j brenengen attorney client confidentiality

By far the most popular is that in which entire abstention is the primary end. This attack could be summarized as a confrontational technique. The client is told that their life is out of control due to the maltreatment and usage of a chemical substance.

In a injury decrease approach the client would be supported trusting that they would come to the decision and realisation that their life is out of control due to utilize of a substance. Second that the substance is the cardinal organinizing rule of their lives, intending that the persons focus in life has become obtaining and utilizing the substance of their pick.

Education is the anchor. Most of these services focal point on the Medical Model of dependence and the 12 Step Model of recovery, normally referred to as Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Medical Model encompasses the basic belief of the disease construct, that the alky is biologically different from the non-alcoholic.

In the disease construct, the individual is viewed as unable to command imbibing as opposed to being unwilling or weak.

We do non fault diabetics for their diabetes but we expect them to command their diet and take medicine.

The alky is seen to hold duty for pull offing the disease on a daily footing. Again it must be emphasized that Alcoholics Anonymous is really closely linked to this theoretical account of intervention. Although these rules were foremost used to handle alcohol addiction, they have been widely accepted and used in the intervention of all persons mistreating substances.

Wood, For old ages now the Europeans have taken a different and less invasive attack. It is called Harm Reduction. The first precedence of injury decrease is to diminish the negative effects of drug usage.

Harm decrease establishes a hierarchy of ends, with the more immediate and realistic 1s to be achieved as first stairss toward riskless usage or, if appropriate, abstention. Drug-taking behaviours result in one of the three following classs ; either good as in the instance of life-saving medicineimpersonal or harmful.

It eliminates the anti-user prejudice when offering services. These services include street outreach, instruction, wellness attention services, entree to intervention, and HIV hazard decrease plans that focus on needle exchange and dolophine hydrochloride intervention of diacetylmorphine nuts.

All of these attacks build Bridgess between the actively addicted single and suppliers of other wellness services. The hope is that the person can be kept healthy until he or she is ready to cover with their dependence.

In an earlier paper I noted that the dolophine hydrochloride intervention of nuts in a Relapse Prevention plan I interned at, caused jobs with equals in educational groups and staff members who were in recovery.

I would now like to turn to this issue from an ethical point of position. A female client nowadayss herself at a public detoxification installation for the express intent of detoxicating herself from diacetylmorphine.

She is admitted to the detoxification unit. During her assessment procedure it is learned that she is besides a client of a dolophine hydrochloride plan that is physically located within the same edifice. She has been late relapsed, augmenting her day-to-day dolophine hydrochloride dose with diacetylmorphine for approximately 8 hebdomads.

Simply put, she has relapsed to actively utilizing diacetylmorphine. She besides expresses a desire to go on in her dolophine hydrochloride plan.

The detoxification plan is based on the Medical Model antecedently described, with a heavy accent on abstinence. The Relapse Prevention Program, located within the same edifice, is besides based on the step recovery theoretical account based on entire abstention.

It is really an extension of the detoxification unit. It is located on the same floor, merely down the hall.

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Clients such as this, in the yesteryear, have been allowed to go on with dolophine hydrochloride and complete both plans. My equals on staff, in the yesteryear, have non been happy about this attack to intervention.

Administration strongly embraces the thought that this type of intervention be included as an option in the installation. She has been assigned to me for reding as a client. Option one ; this client could be transferred to another installation that specializes in diacetylmorphine backdown utilizing dolophine hydrochloride entirely.

This would be the most expedient solution, and it is their forte.

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Option two ; the client could be kept through her detoxification procedure and so discharged back to her old plan.As a general matter, both the duty of confidentiality and the attorney-client privilege encourage clients to trust his or her lawyers. The attorney-client privilege, especially, encourages clients to tell his or her lawyers everything, though the duty of confidentiality does this as well.

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for only $ $ Pros and Cons Capital Punishment ; William J Brenengen: Attorney Client Confidentiality ; Defense Attorneys ; Pros. Apr 14,  · Lawyer Faces Charges After Revealing Confidential Statement of Late Client to Exonerate Inmate In North Carolina, the bar is faced with a difficult question over the limits of confidentiality in a case of Staples Hughes.


The client is told that their life is out of control due to the maltreatment and usage of a chemical substance. In a injury decrease approach the client would be supported trusting that they would come to the decision and realisation that their life is out of control due to utilize of a substance.

Confidentiality Publication; Additional Agreements; Attorney-Client Privilege. The Disclosing Party is not waiving, and will not be deemed to have waived or diminished, any of its attorney work product protections, attorney-client privileges or similar protections and privileges as a result of disclosing its Confidential Information.

Of course the common law included confidentiality doctrines in such areas as fiduciary duty and the attorney-client privilege. 5 Henry S. Drinker, Legal Ethics at ().

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